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Learn to create authentic Neapolitan pizza

1-day Lesson

This a fun one-day lesson to learn the techniques of preparing the dough, creating the dough balls, stretching and cooking the pizza with their a wooden or gas oven. Through this lesson you will be able to spend a quality day with your loved ones in the kitchen or have a fun day out on a one-day course. These courses are recommended for birthdays or special day presents.

Learn to create authentic Neapolitan pizza

3-day Lesson

In these three days you will be taught different dough formulas, making of the dough balls, dough stretching techniques and cooking techniques either in a gas or wood fired oven with a present of home pizza cooking package to take away with you. 

For children & families

1-day Lesson

This is a fun one-day lesson for children to learn how to make their own pizza’s, the dough ball is already prepared for them with all the ingredients ready. They will learn how to starch their own pizza, how to ensemble them together, and how to cook their own pizza’s in a pizza oven. With lovely desserts and drinks ready for them once their pizza is ready to be eaten. These lessons could be arranged for a birthday party, an interactive day for a school, or simply a fun family activity to do.

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