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About La Biga

La Biga Pizzeria originated in 2018 from Nurten’s passion for healthy and delicious food. The name ‘Biga’ simply means pre-ferment.

Nurten had a dream of bringing healthy food to people who live in areas of Cambridgeshire that had to travel very far to have enjoyable food. She believes that La Biga Pizzeria is going to redefine pizza as she cracks a smile and says: “Have you ever seen a Pizzaiola that cares this much about someone’s gut?”.

The sourdough pizzas have been in 24 hours fermentation period prior to cooking them in 90 seconds ready to be served. Sourdough reduces the gluten in the flour so that it becomes more digestible and the lactic acid production makes the vitamins in the flour more accessible for the body.

La Biga’s humble menu with excellent quality ingredients is with no doubt going to bring the great Napoli to your home. 

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About Nurten

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Nurten, born in a small village in Turkey in 1968, started learning all about sourdough through many generation’s pass down knowledge. Her grandmother, Nazife, would then eventually pass down the 90 years old sourdough starter to Nurten telling her to keep the traditions up.

Nurten soon turned into a foodie combining knowledge from the past and the present. Her happiest moments in life have always been when she cooks for others and creates memorable moments of pleasure, nurture, laughter, extraordinary food and reminiscing her memories with her grandmother.

As young people and children are very much interested in fast food, Nurten thinks that there is a great opportunity to tap into this interest and combine it with healthy eating habits. Her hard work and expertise in dough making, allowed her to work out different fermentation times and process, these were to only optimise the excellence of the dough.


In 2018, she decided that it was time to study pizza making and dough preparation in Italy. Striving to create something new she is still attending masterclasses from different pizzaiolo’s to this day. She believes that La Biga Pizzeria will combine the beauty from all around the world.


All photos taken by ONEPIC LTD.  

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